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Rolls-Royce Launches New Ghost in Kingdom of Bahrain PDF Print E-mail

Manama, 16 November, 2009

Rolls- Royce Motor Cars has launched its new model, the Ghost, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“Since we first announced that work had begun on a new model series in 2006, anticipation has been building for the launch of this car. The feedback so far shows that the Ghost has surpassed all expectations,” said Peter Schoppmann, Rolls-Royce Regional Director for the Middle East.

“Ghost is attracting new buyers to the Rolls-Royce brand who appreciate its fusion of timeless elegance, new technology and contemporary style,” he continued.

Zayed R. Al Zayani, Managing Director of Euro Motors, said, “We are very pleased to welcome Rolls-Royce Motor Cars new model, the Ghost, to Bahrain. The initial response to the Ghost has been overwhelming. Following its official launch the Ghost is set to appear at Jewellery Arabia; we are confident that its introduction to the Bahrain market will underline Euro Motors impressive development."

Rolls-Royce Ghost in Bahrain

Ghost embodies the core values of Rolls-Royce and delivers contemporary, effortless refinement. While less formal than the Phantom family, the Ghost retains the essence of Rolls-Royce, and is engineered to be more driver-focused and powerful than any Rolls-Royce before it. A brand new 6.6 litre twin- turbo V12 engine, unique to the model, delivers a feeling of endless, surging power to the driver.

The central principle of simplicity runs throughout the Ghost. Everything is designed, engineered and crafted to enhance the driving experience from the spacious design to the intuitive layout and advanced systems and technologies.

The Rolls-Royce design team sought inspiration in architecture and yachts when seeking to create a modern interpretation of Rolls-Royce’s values. As a result Ghost’s flowing lines are dominated by its majestic ‘yacht line’ styling. Large, uninterrupted surfaces flow between finely sculpted horizontal lines to create a powerful, defined exterior.

In keeping with its’ fluid design, Ghost is built around a steel monocoque body, with no separation of chassis and body. The advantage of this construction is a reduction on exterior dimensions while preserving interior space.

 Rolls-Royce Ghost in Bahrain

As one of Rolls-Royce’s most advanced, dynamically engaging cars, Ghost embodies the 21st century Rolls-Royce; a sleek, modern expression of over 100 years of engineering and design excellence.

Beyond its official unveiling, the Ghost will be seen at Jewellery Arabia, the largest and most prestigious jewellery exhibition in the Middle East, which will be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain shortly.

The first Ghosts will be handed over to customers throughout the Middle East region end of December 2009.

Ghost technical specification:

No. of doors/seats: 4/5
Vehicle length: 5399 mm / 212.6 inches
Vehicle width 1948 mm / 76.7 inches
Vehicle height: 1550 mm / 61 inches
Wheelbase: 3295 mm / 129.7 inches
Engine: new 6.6 litre turbocharged V12
Gearbox: 8-speed ZF
Power output: 563 bhp / 420 kW / 570 PS @ 5250 rpm
Max torque @ engine speed: 780 Nm / 575 lb ft @ 1500 rpm
Top speed: 155 mph / 250 km/h (electronically governed) 0-60 mph 4.7 seconds 0-100 km/h 4.9 seconds

Ghost pricing (excluding taxes and delivery charges): US$250,000

From quarter four 2009, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will offer five models: Ghost, Phantom, Phantom Extended Wheelbase, Phantom Drophead Coupé and Phantom Coupé. The Rolls-Royce Phantom range of cars is powered by a naturally aspirated direct injection 6.75 litre V12 engine that produces 453 bhp at 5350 rpm (338 kW/460 PS) and 720 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm.

Rolls-Royce has 83 dealers around the world and currently nine showrooms in the Middle East region: in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait City, Lahore, Manama, Muscat and Riyadh.

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